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No. Title Date of issue Type Size
ASAM 039 Changes under Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/373 that do not affect the functional system 19 Dec 2019
215 KB Download
ASAM No 40 Guidance on the issue of EC declarations of conformity, suitability for use and verification of systems 16 Jan 2020
648 KB Download
AWSD.F.104A Application for the issue of COA, Export COA and/or ARC (aircraft MTOM more than 2,730kg) 01 Sep 2015
162 KB Download
AWSD.F.104B Application for the issue of a COA, Export COA, and/or ARC (aircraft MTOM less than 2,730kg) 02 Jan 2019
318 KB Download
AWSD.F.104D AWSD.F.104D Application for national COA for aircraft below 2,730kg MTOM 02 Jan 2019
227 KB Download
AWSD.F.105 ELT Application Form 22 Aug 2018
175 KB Download
AWSD.F.135A Application for EASA Part 21 Permit to Fly (Appendix 1) 09 Jan 2014
152 KB Download
AWSD.F.138C Temporary Operations in Ireland for aircraft without a Certificate of Airworthiness 10 Apr 2017
51 KB Download
AWSD.F.144B Dangerous Goods Occurrence Report 05 Jul 2018
19 KB Download
AWSD.F.300A Application for Aircraft Registration or Change of Aircraft Ownership 03 Sep 2015
89 KB Download
AWSD.F.300A Application for Registration of Aircraft or Change of Aircraft Ownership 03 Sep 2015
143 KB Download
C.A. Form 36 Application for approval of aircraft modification 25 Sep 2009
37 KB Download
EASA Form 2 IAA EASA Form 2 24 Mar 2020
120 KB Download
EASA Form 4 IAA EASA FORM 4 22 Jun 2010
15 KB Download
FOD.CAT1.F.122 FOD Form 4 17 Feb 2017
203 KB Download
FOD.F. 224 a Ferry Flight Application Form 26 Feb 2020
157 KB Download
FOD.F.204a Application for RVSM, MNPS 08 Sep 2016
101 KB Download
FOD.F.207a Application for Extended Operations (ETOPS) operational approval 06 Jan 2016
196 KB Download
FOD.F.226b PBN FOD F 226b PBN Operations and Licensing Reqs-Declaration for AOCs 2018-02-23 (002) 26 Feb 2018
229 KB Download
FOD.F.315 Application for Operation of Tethered Balloons 20 Jan 2016
96 KB Download

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