IAA Website - Sunday, October 2, 2022 10:13 PM

Part M Subpart F, Part CAO, or Part 145 approved to certify maintenance on light aircraft

Atlantic Flight Training Limited

Approval No.  IE.CAO.118

Upper Ballygarvan

Kinsale road

Co. Cork

Tel: + 353 (0)21 488 737

Email: info@afta.ie

Web: www.afta.ie

Ratings:  Aircraft; Aeroplanes up to 2,730kg maximum take-off mass (MTOM)


Irish Gliding and Soaring Association        
Approval No. IE.CAO.109 
Gowran Grange Airfield                                                           
Co. Kildare
Email: www.igsa.ie 
Ratings: A4

Mapleway Developments Ltd T/A Midland Aviation
Approval No. IE.CAO.102 

Co Longford
Tel: +353  44 935 7468
Fax: +353  719 128 293
Ratings: A2

National Flight  Centre
Approval No. IE.145.068
Weston Aerodrome
Co. Kildare
Email: maintenance@nfc.ie          
Ratings: A2, A4, C5