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The next scheduled dates for PPL Examination sittings are as follows:

Due to Covid-19 public health measures that may be imposed at short notice, planned examination sittings may need to be amended, postponed or cancelled.

Students of other IAA FCL exams may avail of the below exam dates. However priority will be given to those students sitting the below exams.  


Note: Exam dates may be extended / reduced at the discretion of the IAA.


Exam date

Closing date

29TH – 31ST January
15th January
11th – 13th March
26th February
15th – 17th April
1st April
27th – 29th May
13th May
15th – 17th July
1st July
26th – 28th August
12th August
7th – 9th October
23rd September
18th – 20th November
4th November
Please note that examinations may be affected by restrictions enforced during the COVID-19 pandemic. This may include restrictions such as reduction in available places, staggered start times, postponement, cancellation etc. 

Please note that examinations may be affected by restrictions enforced during the COVID-19 pandemic. This may include restrictions such as reduction in available places, staggered start times, postponement, cancellation etc. 

Please check this page regularly for updates.

Please contact your ATO / DTO with any queries relating to theoretical knowledge training.

Application forms may be downloaded here.

PPL Examinations

PPL examinations are delivered using the Authority online examination system (LPLUS-PEXO) at one of its approved examination centres.

Nine examinations are offered which are:

  • P10 - Air Law
  • P20 - Human Performance & Limitations
  • P30 - Meteorology
  • P40 - Communication
  • P50 - Principles of Flight
  • P60 - Operational Procedures
  • P70 - Flight Performance & Planning
  • P80 - Aircraft General Knowledge
  • P90 - Navigation 

A cross reference to the old examination layout is available below and includes details of the number of questions in each exam and the duration of same.

Anyone that is transitioning from the old system to the new one, with outstanding papers to take shall, now take any examination(s) associated with the previous paper as outlined below:

Air Law:

  • P10 - Air Law - 20 Questions - 30 minutes

Human Performance & Limitations:

  • P20 - Human Performance & Limitations - 20 Questions - 30 Minutes

Flight Performance & Planning:

  • P30 - Meteorology - 20 Questions - 60 Minutes
  • P40 - Communication - 20 Questions - 30 Minutes
  • P70 - Flight Performance & Planning - 20 Questions - 60 Minutes
  • P90 - Navigation - 20 Questions - 60 Minutes

Aircraft General Knowledge:

  • P50 - Principles of Flight - 20 Questions - 30 Minutes
  • P60 - Operational Procedures - 20 Questions - 30 Minutes
  • P80 - Aircraft General Knowledge - 20 Questions - 30 Minutes

PL Examination Fees

Please note, PPL Examination fees for the time being, will be charged as a set based (or part thereof) system as follows:

P20Human Performance & Limitations€40
P30Meteorology€40 for the set of 4, or part thereof
P70Flight Performance & Planning
P50Principles of Flight€40 for the set of 3, or part thereof
P60Operational Procedures
P80Aircraft General Knowledge

The syllabus to be used for PPL examinations may be found in AMC1 FCL.210; FCL.215 to Part-FCL (Link to Regulation & AMC on EASA Website).

Sailplane Pilot Examinations

The breakdown of SPL exams is as follows:

Sailplane Pilot Licence - Theoretical Knowledge Requirements

P10Air Law20 Questions - 40 Minutes
P20Human Performance & Limitations10 Questions - 20 Minutes
P30Meteorology20 Questions - 40 Minutes
P40Communications10 Questions - 20 Minutes
P90Navigation20 Questions - 75 Minutes
P50Principles of Flight 10 Questions - 20 Minutes
P60Operational Procedures10 Questions - 20 Minutes
P70Flight Performance & Planning10 Questions - 20 Minutes
P80Aircraft General Knowledge10 Questions - 20 Minutes

The syllabus to be used for SPL examinations may be found in AMC1 SFCL.130. to Part-SFCL

Each exam is offered and taken separately.

Notification for exams and results are now sent by email. Please ensure your email address is legible on your application and provide an address that you regularly access.

(Venue: IAA HQ, The Times Building, 11/12 D'Olier Street, Dublin 2) - Subject to Change

Note: PPL (Free Balloon), PPL (Weight-Shift Microlight and PPL (Gyroplanes) examinations will be held by the IAA in consultation with the representative associations.

Foreign Exams

A complete set of EASA PPL examinations carried out under the direct control of another EU Member State may be acceptable towards the issue of an EASA PPL licence subject to satisfactory verification.

Please note that it is not possible to get satisfactory verification from some states. Therefore, sitting of foreign exams is not recommended as their acceptance may not be possible.

Foreign theory exams may not be used to support an application for a national licence.


Fees for theoretical examinations may be found in schedule 23 of the IAA Fees Order which may be accessed here