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The IAA's principal duty in respect of air navigation is to ensure that Irish airspace is used in a safe and efficient manner.  Air Navigation Services Division (ANSD) seeks to secure the most efficient use of airspace consistent with the safe operation of aircraft and the expeditious flow of air traffic whilst taking into consideration the requirements of operators and owners of all classes of aircraft. 

The functions of the PANS-OPS & Airspace inspector are derived from the Irish Aviation Authority Act 1993 (as amended), IAA Orders and Directions relating to;

  • Airspace;
  • Instrument Flight Procedures;
  • Aeronautical Charts;
  • Aeronautical Data; and
  • Aeronautical Information Services.

The IAA does not regulate military aviation activities within Designated Areas but participates in a consultative forum-Standing Civil Military Air Navigation Committee (StaCMAN) with the Irish Air Corps to discuss issues of mutual interest.