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We recommend you try an informal approach to resolve your issue in the first instance as it could be quicker and might be all that is needed to sort things out. Please see our contacts page for relevant IAA divisions.

This form should ONLY be used for complaints against the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and not for complaints against airlines or other regulated entities.

The IAA understands that some complaints may be sensitive and require a level of anonymity, and as such you are not required to include your name or email address on the form. Please note, that by omitting this information, we will not be in a position to follow up with you on your complaint.

For more information on the scope of the complaints process, confidentiality, standards and the process for handling complaints, read the IAA complaints policy.

Any person wishing to communicate information about safety concern may do so at the following page - safety reporting.

Submit a Complaint Against the IAA

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