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The Personnel Licensing Office accepts applications for the conversion of National Pilot Licences, Instrument Ratings, Class and Type Ratings and Instructor Ratings issued by the Irish Aviation Authority into PART-FCL Licences and Ratings. Application forms for conversion are available on application to the Personnel Licensing Office, Email:


The current fee for conversion to a PART-FCL CPL or ATPL, including associated ratings, is available in the current IAA Schedule of Charges.


It is not possible to convert a non-PART-FCL CPL/ATPL into an Irish issued PART-FCL CPL/ATPL. However, it is possible to obtain credits for such licences towards the issue of a PART-FCL licence. Theoretical Knowledge and Flight training credits will be determined by the Irish Aviation Authority in accordance with the credits provided for in the Aircrew Regulation


Training must be completed in an ATO approved in accordance with the Aircrew Regulation