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Are you an Air Carrier who brings cargo or mail to an airport in the EU from an airport outside of the EU?

If the answer is yes, then there are some important aviation security measures you need to put in place with the relevant European appropriate authority:


Contact the Irish Aviation Authority if you hold an AOC issued by the Authority or if your air carrier was assigned to Ireland in the regulations pertaining to EU Emissions Trading (EU Regulation 748/2009 amended by EU Regulation 2016/282).

Each European Member State has established a similar arrangement for such cargo and mail and if in doubt please contact the appropriate authority for aviation security in the European country you most frequently fly to.


In accordance with the EC Regulation 2015/1998 as amended cargo and mail cannot be off-loaded in Ireland unless the air carrier and the route is listed in the Union database on Supply Chain Security. Therefore you will be required to sign a Declaration of Commitments with the Authority and ensure that appropriate measures regarding same are established and maintained by the air carriers at the airport where the cargo was loaded on the aircraft.

Furthermore with effect from 1 July 2014, the air carrier will be required to provide evidence that the aviation security supply chain is in accordance with European regulations at the airport where the cargo was loaded on the aircraft.