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Flight Operations

Safety and Training Material

The Irish Aviation Authority has an active involvement in the European Helicopter Safety Team.

The European Helicopter Safety Implementation Team (EHSIT) specialist training team produce helicopter training material, such as leaflets and videos, for pilots. The aim of the leaflets and videos are to improve the safety of helicopter operations by providing pilots with relevant information to allow a basic understanding of the causes, the prevention and the recovery actions of various possible accident scenarios thereby enabling pilots to make better, more informed decisions. Leaflets can be found here.

View Helicopter Pre-flight Checklist


All Irish registered helicopters, subject to EASA regulations, will be issued with an EASA non-expiring Certificate of Airworthiness which will be validated by an Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC). This is applicable to General Aviation (GA) which is defined as all non-commercial activities of aeroplanes other than complex motor powered aeroplanes.

Aircraft listed in Annex I of the Basic Regulation are excluded from these requirements and national regulations apply instead. Aircraft and Helicopters not affected by the EASA Regulations. Currently there are no Annex II helicopters registered in Ireland. If you wish to register an Annex I Helicopter, please contact

Fees applicable to Helicopters

Information on maintaining your helicopter

Guidance material for developing an Approved Maintenance Programme

List of approved Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMO)

List of approved Part 145 maintenance organisations