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Note: Whenever it is mentioned in the following FAQs that you must submit an application form; ensure that the payment details are complete and valid, otherwise the application cannot be processed and may be returned.

Q.1  How much are the various flight tests?

Fees may be levied by the Flight Examiner or your ATO/DTO. Check with your proposed examiner in advance.

Q.2  Intentionally Blank

Intentionally Blank.

Q.3.  Can I choose my own Flight Examiner?

Yes for most tests, however some tests are assigned to examiners by the IAA. please confirm with the Authority if you have any doubts.

Q.4.  How long does the process take?

An examiner will normally be allocated to conduct the test within 5 days of an application being received. The Examiner will then contact the applicant directly to make arrangements for the test at a mutually convenient time.

Q.5.  Once I have passed the Flight Test, how long will I have to wait for the issue of licence?

The licence should be issued within a period of 15-20 days from the date of receipt of original paperwork, by the IAA, of the flight test report from the Examiner.  This assumes that any outstanding fees associated with the licence application have been paid and there are no unforeseen processing delays.

Q.6.  What happens if I partially fail the flight test?

A new letter of recommendation will be required from your training organisation in order to request another flight test.

Q.7.  Can I complete a flight test in Europe?

The IAA accepts test conducted in other Member States in Europe, provided IAA paperwork is used for the flight test – download the applicable test/LPC paperwork from our website

Ensure your examiner gives  notification of tests from our website under the flight standardisation section, at least 5 days before the day of testing (maybe longer depending on the test and/or location). 

If your ratings are still current on the day of testing your examiner can revalidate your ratings pages for you on your licence. 

Please forward the following paperwork back to the IAA so we can update your records: -

  1. Original flight test reports
  2. A copy of your examiner's licence, authorisation, medical
  3. signed notification of test
  4. A copy of ATO approval certificate
  5. A copy of the Sim certificate
  6. A copy of your revalidated rating pages