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Examiner Revalidation - RPPL.F.400B

Prerequisites:  Regulation (EU) 1178/2011 Part-FCL Subpart K - Examiners

Examiner Standardisation Course:

You will be required to attend an examiner standardisation course provided by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) or at an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) approved to conduct examiner standardisation course by the IAA (see list here – this list is on previous page above).

Examiner applicants must have approval granted by the IAA before commencing any examiner standardisation course.

If you would like to propose using an EASA approved ATO for an examiner standardisation course, please send the following documents for review to before approval can be given to attend the course:

  1. ATO EASA Certificate
  2. ATO approval to carry out EASA Examiner Standardisation Course
  3. Layout of course (details of IAA specific requirements as per FCL.1015)

These documents will be reviewed. If they meet the requirements, you will be approved to carry out the course.

Examiner Assessment of Competence:

Subsequently, the relevant assessment of competence (AOC) should be individually arranged as per IAA requirements (PLAM004) in due course. Contact regarding prior approval for the assessment of competence can be made through

The preference of examiner for assessment of competence is:

  1. IAA Inspector
  2. IAA Senior Examiner
  3. Member State Senior Examiner (specifically tasked by the IAA)

The tasking will depend on resource availability – which will depend on proposed date and location.

To propose a Senior Examiner, please send the following to

  1. Examiner applicant name and licence number
  2. The proposed aircraft type, date, time, and location of the Examiner AOC
  3. A copy of proposed Senior Examiner Authorisation/Certificate
  4. Senior Examiner Licence (incl. valid Class/Type rating and medical certificate if applicable)
  5. Instructor and Examiner Certificates of Senior Examiner
  6. Contact email address for Senior Examiner


A Senior Examiner must be specifically tasked in writing by the IAA before the conduct of an Examiner AOC)


Only candidates holding an EU Part FCL Licence or applying for the issue of an EU Part FCL Licence, rating, approval, or certificate shall be used for the assessment of competency in the capacity of Candidate(s) Observed under Test / Check shall be acceptable.


• If applicants for the revalidation hold privileges for more than one category of examiner, all examiner privileges may be revalidated if applicants comply with the requirements laid down in FCL.1025 (b)(1) and (2) and FCL.1020 for one of the categories of examiner certificates held, in agreement with the competent authority.

• This credit only applies to examiner privileges which are valid at the time of revalidation.