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The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is responsible for discharging Ireland's obligations in regard to European rules governing the allocation of slots at airports. Its roles are:

  1. To designate Community airports located in Ireland as schedules facilitated or coordinated as appropriate.
  2. To appoint a schedules facilitator or coordinator as necessary.
  3. To ensure the declaration of coordination parameters at coordinated airports.
  4. To administer the Irish Slots Sanctions Scheme.

At a schedules facilitated airport, a schedules facilitator assists the operations of air carriers who operate or propose to operate to or from that airport. At a coordinated airport, an air carrier may not operate in the absence of a slot allocated by the airport coordinator.

Dublin Airport is currently the only Irish coordinated airport. Following a full capacity analysis carried out in the latter half of 2006, the IAA designated Dublin Airport as coordinated from March 2007 onwards.  All documentation in relation to that decision has been published and is available here. The IAA has appointed Airport Coordination Ltd, a UK company based at Heathrow, to act as coordinator.

The IAA is responsible for administering the Slot Sanctions Scheme in accordance with Statutory Instrument (S.I.) No. 460/2013. Guidelines setting out how misuse will be sanctioned are available here.

There are currently no schedules facilitated airports in Ireland.

The relevant European regulations are Council Regulation (EEC) No. 95/93, as amended.