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Conversion of an ICAO Annex I Compliant ATPL

The following information assumes the applicant has not held/does not hold a pilot licence issued by an EASA Member State.

If you have held/hold an EASA Member State PART_FCL Licence, you must contact the Competent Authority (CA) that issued it for further guidance.

Can I just do a straight swap when converting my ICAO ATPL?

There is no automatic conversion of an ICAO Annex 1 compliant ATPL to an EU Part-FCL ATPL. However, there are training credits which may be given to the holder of an equivalent non-EU licence, towards meeting the Part-FCL licence requirements.



How do I know if I can convert my ICAO ATPL to an EU Part-FCL ATPL?

The conditions for the acceptance of licences from third countries is laid down in Article 3 of the ‘Aircrew Regulation’ - Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 (as amended by COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2020/723)



How do I convert my ICAO ATPL into an EU Part-FCL ATPL?

Medical: You must hold a valid EU Part-MED Class 1 medical certificate.



Very Important - Read and understand the following:

Where you do your medical affects where your EU Part-FCL ATPL can be issued

Under the EU Part-FCL regulations, the location of your medical records dictates the State to which you MUST apply for licence issue, regardless of which EU State(s) you subsequently complete any/all of the requirements in. 

If you specifically want an IAA-issued EU Part-FCL licence, and assuming that you have not previously held an EU Part-MED (or JAR-FCL) medical certificate issued by another EASA Member State, you must complete the initial Class 1 medical examination at any EASA approved Aeromedical Centre (AMC) in Europe - there are two such AMCs in Ireland (both in Dublin - see for contact details). 

If you had an EU Part-MED (or JAR-FCL) medical certificate – talk to the CA who issued it before applying to the IAA

If you have previously held an EU Part-MED (or JAR-FCL) medical certificate of any Class, issued by another EASA Member State, then your medical records are deemed to be held by that State and you must either apply to that State for licence issue in due course (and contact that State to verify licence conversion terms) or arrange for the transfer of your medical records from that State to Ireland.



Get the medical matters sorted out first!

We would strongly recommend that you complete the medical before you commence any training, and particularly before you part with any substantial sums of money!



Flying Experience:

You must provide evidence of meeting the requirements for the issue of an ATPL in the relevant aircraft category as set out in Subpart F of Annex I to Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011.

You must hold a valid type rating for the type on your ICAO ATPL(A).




Demonstration of Required Skill

You are required to pass an ATPL skill test on a relevant multi-pilot aircraft type (e.g. A320, B787, EC225 etc.) with an authorised EU Part-FCL certified Examiner (TRE or SFE) in an EU-FSTD-qualified Simulator – EASA maintains a database of Simulators at - the EASA FSTD tab shows simulators located outside of the EU; the NAA FSTD tab shows simulators located within the EU.



Your examiner must follow the IAA procedures

Note: Before you do the skill test, the examiner has to review the IAA’s national procedures and give us notification of test (5 working days in advance in respect of a skill test) - both processes must be completed online through our website at

The examiner will receive instant confirmation by email of completion of the test notification process, which will include his designation to conduct the skill test and a declaration to be signed by him and returned to us together with the skill test paperwork in due course.



ATPL Theoretical Examinations

Do I have to attend an ATO for ground instruction and a recommendation for the exams?

If you have in excess of 1500 hours total pilot time and have a current multi type rating, you are exempt from attending a ground course at an EASA approved ATO.  Evidence of this will need to be submitted with your initial exam application form.



How many exams must I pass?

There are 13 EASA ATPL theory exams. 



How long do I have to pass all the exams?

All 13 exams must be passed within 18 months from starting the first exam. 

All 13 exams must be passed within 6 sittings, not attempting any given exam more than 4 times.



What happens if I don’t pass all the exams within the six sittings?

Failure to pass any exam on the fourth attempt will result in a loss of all previously passed exams.



How much do the exams cost?

The cost per exam can be found in the current Fees Schedule and you have 18 months in order to pass all 13 exams.



How often and when are the exams held?

The ATPL theoretical examinations are held every 2nd month. and timetable can be found on the IAA website.



What if I am unable to be available for the IAA scheduled exams?

If the scheduled dates don't suit due to work commitments, the IAA may allow a "special sitting" outside of the published scheduled dates.  A special sitting requires a minimum 2 weeks advance notice and may not be available when requested.  You should suggest 2-3 dates that would suit you and those dates will be reviewed for availability.  Special sittings are readily/freely granted, and applicants must prove their inability to meet the scheduled sittings. The fee per exam increases to €150 at a special sitting.



How do I apply for the exams?

Complete the applicable examination application form and attached evidence the evidence of time in excess of 1500 hours total pilot time if not applying through an ATO.

Please include the following paperwork with your initial exam application:

a copy of your ICAO ATPL licence (showing you hold a current Type Rating),

copies of the last pages of your log book showing that you have in excess of 1500 hours (of which at least 500 hours multi pilot)

If you do not meet these minimum requirements you must be recommended for the exams by an EASA ATO on completion of a course of Ground Studies. 

We will accept EASA Part-FCL TK Exams if completed through another EASA Member State CA.  Verification of these results is required from that CA.  Copies of your documents should be submitted with your initial exam application form.



English Language Proficiency (ELP)

I already have an ELP rating on my licence, does the IAA accept that?

The IAA is unable to recognise ELP endorsements on ICAO licences as part of the process for conversion to an EU Part-FCL Licence, which means you must pass an acceptable EASA English Language Proficiency (ELP) assessment - This could be completed during the ATPL(A) skill test subject to the examiner holding a specific EASA ELP assessor qualification acceptable to the IAA.

Alternatively, there are ground based options in Ireland and in other EASA Member States. Check the appropriate websites for more information on providers and locations.



Do I have to do all the above in Ireland?

All the above does not have to be done under the auspices of the IAA, however all aspects must be in accordance with EASA Regulation 1178/2011 (as amended).  If you complete exams outside of Ireland the IAA shall need to verify those exam results with the relevant CA prior to a licence being issued to you.

All exams must be completed under the auspices of the same CAA. 

Your medical records need to be transferred to Ireland from the EASA state where you completed the medical.