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The conditions governing the operation of any tethered balloon or kite are set out in the Irish Aviation Authority (Tethered Balloons, Airships, Free Balloons and Kites) Order.

 Additionally, where a tethered balloon or kite is intended to be operated for commercial purposes, such as aerial photography for hire and reward, the operator will have to be the holder of an Aerial Work Permission issued by the IAA.


"tethered flight” means a flight by a controllable balloon throughout which it is flown within limits imposed by a restraining device which attaches the balloon to the surface.

"captive flight” means flight by an uncontrollable balloon during which it is attached to the ground by a restraining device.

“captive balloon” means a balloon which when in flight is attached by a restraining device to the ground.

 A person shall not cause or permit a group of small balloons exceeding 1,000 in number to be simultaneously released at a single site wholly or partly within the aerodrome traffic zone of an aerodrome or exceeding 2,000 in number at any place within the State without the permission in writing of the Authority and other than in accordance with any conditions subject to which that permission may have been granted by the Authority.

Should any operator or person have any doubt about the content or scope of the regulations or need to seek clarification or guidance they should contact:

Flight Operations Department
Irish Aviation Authority
The Times Building 
11-12 D'Olier Street
Dublin 2

Tel: +353 01 671 8655