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Low flying aircraft (including helicopters)

To investigate instances of alleged low flying by light aircraft and/or helicopters, the Irish Aviation Authority will require the aircraft registration markings (normally displayed on both sides of the aircraft), the location, date, time and details of the incident. Reports should be forwarded in writing to:

Low Flying Aircraft Reports,
Flight Operations Department,
Irish Aviation Authority,
The Times Building,
11-12 D'Olier Street,
Dublin 2.

Reports can also be emailed to

Without the aircraft registration it is difficult to determine the identity of the aircraft in question. A large number of helicopters and light aircraft operate in what is known as uncontrolled airspace. Here, pilots operate on a ‘see and be seen' basis and the pilot is not required to file a flight plan or contact air traffic control. Therefore, it may not always be possible for the IAA to positively identify an aircraft without the above information.