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NOTE: An application does not guarantee Licence/Medical issue.


Holders of UK issued Part-FCL licences should expect extended processing times in advance of expected Brexit date.

Applicants should familiarise themselves with the submission deadlines published by the UK CAA here 

Applicants should note that applications that have not completed prior to Brexit may no longer be valid within the EU. Please refer to the guidance documentation issued by the EU Commission here

Applications received after 4 September 2020 may not be considered for processing.


What can be transferred:

If you are the holder of an EASA Part FCL issued licence you may transfer the State of Licence Issue (SOLI) to Ireland from another EU Member State

What cannot be transferred:

If you are the holder of a National Licence issued by an EU Member State, you cannot transfer the State of Licence Issue (SOLI) to Ireland from another EU Member State. 

The National Licence must be converted to an EASA Part-FCL licence with the Aviation Authority that issued the Nation Licence before an application for changing the SOLI can be submitted to the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).


I am the holder of an EASA Part FCL licence from another EU Member State and want to transfer the State of Licence Issue to Ireland, what do I do?

You will need to transfer the SOLI of both your licence and medical to Ireland.



As the holder an EASA Part FCL licence issued by another EU Member State you may transfer the SOLI to Ireland;

  1. Complete form RPPL-F-100E available from our website www.iaa.ie. and return the form with relevant documentation as listed in the submission instructions by post ONLY.
  2. On receipt of the application, the IAA will deduct the relevant Licence issue fee in full. To prevent delays in processing your application ensure the credit card details are correctly entered on the application form. Payment is taken once application is received, not when you collect the licence.
    1. The current issue fees are
      1. €600 for ATPL, or
      2. €450 for CPL, or
      3. €250 for other Flight Crew Licences, and 
      4. This includes all ratings from your existing licence that are valid at time of printing – not at time of application.
      5. If you do not hold a type rating on your current licence, to add a type rating will be €300
    2. In the event you wish to withdraw the application after submission, 80% of the relevant Licence issue fee will be retained by the IAA to pay for the incurred expense of the administration associated with this process.
  3. Once payment has cleared, the IAA will then contact your Competent Authority (CA) seeking verification of both licence and medical details. 
    1. The process time for a response from a Competent Authorities may take up to 12 weeks before they return the information to the IAA. 
    2. Please note: The IAA attempts to complete all SOLI transfers within the minimum time possible. However, the following factors do adversely affect the processing times;
      1. Delays in transferring medical records from the issuing CA to the IAA.
      2. Lead time increased due to local COVID-19 Government policies and access to work environments by relevant CA employees
      3. Increased work load of relevant CA’s employees due to high volumes of verifications requested by holders of that CA’s issued licences.
  4. 4.    Once the IAA has received all the required information, The IAA will contact you informing you that IAA issued licence is ready. 
  5. 5.    Contacting us prior to 12 weeks' timeframe to ascertain the status of your transfer may further delay the issuing of your licence.



The IAA will contact your current CAA for these medical records, but you need to contact them and let them know of your intentions.  They may require permission from you to release the required information to the IAA. 

An important part of the SOLI transfer is that if you complete a new medical examination after you commence the transfer process. You must instruct your medical examiner to forward a copy of both medical report and certificate to the IAA Aeromedical Department immediately. 

The IAA Aeromedical Department e-mail address is: medical@iaa.ie    Once you hold an Irish EASA Part FCL licence, you may revalidate your medical with any EASA approved Medical Examiner in any EASA Member State.


Additional Guidance:

PLAM for information purposes.

Guidance to Pilots and Flight Engineers who request a change of State of Licence issue to Ireland

If you also hold an ICAO licence based on your JAR FCL/EASA licence, we will also need verification of licence details from that CAA including copies of that licence.

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