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Holders of UK issued Part-FCL licences should expect extended processing times in advance of March 29th, 2019.


Applicants should familiarise themselves with the submission deadlines published by the UK CAA here 

The holder of a PART-FCL flight crew licence issued by an EASA Member State who wishes to transfer the State of Licence Issue to ireland, e.g. for administrative convenience, will find the Licence Transfer Process detailed below:

Q.1 I wish to transfer the State of Licence Issue of my PART-FCL licence to Ireland. Am I eligible?

A: The criteria which must be fulfilled in order to be eligible to transfer the State of Licence Issue to Ireland:

  1. You must hold an EASA PART-FCL licence issued by and EASA Member State.


Q.2 How do I start the process?

A: Complete and return the application form to:-

Personnel Licensing Office
Irish Aviation Authority
The Times Building
11-12 D'Olier Street
Dublin 2

Q.3 How long does the licence transfer process take?

A: It can take up to 12 weeks to complete as a number of factors can influence the licence transfer process. Therefore, we strongly recommend that your current PART-FCL licence has a clear period of validity of at least 16 weeks remaining before you commence the licence transfer process. 

Brexit: Please note that processing times are expected to extend as a result of Brexit. Applicants holding a UK issued FCL should note that if an application extends beyond March 29th 2019, that it may not be possible to complete the transfer request. Applicants holding UK licences should refer to the submission dates notified by the UK CAA here

Q.4 I have completed and returned my application form to the Personnel Licensing Office. What happens next?

A: The IAA will request verification (licence and medical Doc. 155 forms) of your licence and medical details from your current State of Licence Issue including your medical history for the last 5 years.

Note:- If you feel that a current or past medical issue may affect your medical certification, do not hesitate to contact the Aeromedical Section (AMS), IAA at medical@iaa.ie to discuss your concerns. Please ensure that you include your full name, address and date of birth and your details from your current medical certificate.

Some States may have additional administrative requirements regarding the release of your medical history and, in some cases, may charge a fee for this service. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact the Aeromedical Section (AMS) of your current State of licence issue to check their requirements, if any, as this can delay the licence transfer process.

When the IAA-AMS has received and assessed all requested information an IAA JAR-FCL Medical Certificate will be prepared and sent to the Personnel Licensing Office to be associated with your licence transfer application. A copy of this Certificate will be emailed to you provided you supplied us with an email address on your application form. Note:- this e-mail does NOT mean that your licence is ready!

Q.5 How will I know when my licence is ready?

A: When the Personnel Licensing Office has received and assessed all requested information and printed your licence, you will be contacted to make arrangements for the exchange of licences.

Note: Under PART-FCL requirements, you can only hold one PART-FCL licence at any time, so the IAA must be in receipt of your existing PART-FCL licence before it can handover the replacement licence.

Note: If you wish to enquire about the progress of a licence transfer application, please e-mail your enquiry to licensing@iaa.ie. However, as the transfer process can take up to 16 weeks to complete, we respectfully request that you only make an enquiry if you have not been contacted by the Personnel Licensing Office after this time period has elapsed. Queries made prior to that may not be answered.

Q.6 Which ratings will transfer to my IAA-issued PART-FCL licence?

A: Valid PART-FCL Ratings

All valid PART-FCL Type, Class, Night, Instrument and/or Instructor ratings certified on the Licence Doc. 155 form received from your current State of Licence Issue.

If you hold a Flight Instructor rating, additional verification may be required from your current State of Licence Issue regarding:-

the stage of the 6-year revalidation cycle of the FI rating - i.e., if, at the next revalidation, the FI Proficiency Check is mandatory
specific FI privileges, e.g. Restricted, IRI, CRI or FII privileges.
If additional verification is required, it may be necessary to add the FI rating to your IAA-issued PART-FCL licence at a later date.

English Language Proficiency (ELP)

Evidence of English Language Proficiency is required prior to licence issue. If this is not included on the Doc 155 verification, then a separate language proficiency assessment will be required.

ATPL theoretical knowledge credit (CPL holders only)

PART-FCL CPL holders who hold a valid PART-FCL ATPL Theoretical Knowledge credit verified by their current competent authority will have this credit endorsed on their licence.

Q.7 Which ratings will NOT be transferred to my IAA-issued PART-FCL licence?

A: Expired Ratings

Expired ratings will not be endorsed on the IAA-issued PART-FCL licence, but details of any such ratings certified on the Licence Doc. 155 form will be retained on file in case you wish to renew any such rating in the future. In the event that details of expired ratings are not supplied on the Licence Doc. 155 (as is sometimes the case), the renewal of such ratings can be facilitated by subsequent certification from the Licensing Authority that issued your original PART-FCL licence that the rating was originally obtained and held in accordance with PART-FCL.

National Ratings

National ratings for specific sport aviation / aerial work activities (e.g.  parachute dropping) cannot be transferred to an IAA-issued PART-FCL licence, as they are not established in Irish law. In Ireland, such activities are controlled through Operational requirements (e.g. Parachute Centre Approval, Aerial Work Permission). You may engage in such activity in Ireland provided that you have received the appropriate training. However, if you have a requirement to exercise the privileges of a previously held national rating outside of Ireland, you will have to make your own individual arrangements with the relevant Licensing Authority. Please note that national specific ratings may not be endorsed on a PART-FCL licence.

Similarly, the UK IMC rating cannot be transferred to an IAA-issued PART-FCL licence, as this rating is also not established in Irish law. In this case, licence holders are required to obtain a single-pilot Instrument rating if they wish to fly under Instrument Flight Rules.

Your should also confirm with your original State of Licence issue specific requirements related to the operation of "Annex I" aircraft within its state.

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