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Please note: Please allow at least 30 working days for an application to be processed from date of receipt of the complete application

Once you meet all the requirements under PART-FCL for an Upgrade/Initial issue /conversion of an ATPL licence, you should fill out the application form RPPL-F-106E, which you will find on the website under section - Personnel Licensing Forms

You must submit the application form along with all the required documents listed below (and listed on the back of the application form).

  • Application form (RPPL-F-106E)
  • All original flying logbooks
  • When claiming PICUS hours, you shall have your PICUS hours’ counter signed in your logbook by the Pilot in Command. Electronic signatures are NOT accepted. See PLAM 024.
  • Copy of completed Skills test form (RPPL-F-147)
  • Copy of valid Part-MED class 1 medical certificate
  • Copy of Passport or National Identity card
  • Copy of ATPL examination results (if available)
  • Completed Payment form – current fee can be found in the latest IAA Schedule of Charges
  • Completed English Language Proficiency Ground Examination form (RPPL-F-270) (ICAO ATPL(A) Conversions ONLY)
  • Copy of ICAO ATPL(A) and validating medical certificate (ICAO ATPL(A) conversions ONLY)
  • Copy of Flight Crew Licence (s) /qualification(s) and validating medical certificate(s) (if claiming credit in section 5 for flight experience in an aircraft category other than aeroplanes, or as Flight Engineer)
  • Copy of Notification of test completed by Examiner (Unless ATO has a specific written agreement with the IAA for the administration of tests)
  • Copy of EU-FSTD qualification certificate (simulator used for the test)
  • Copy of Examiner qualifications