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Under the Irish Aviation Authority (Personnel Licensing) Orders, a pilot of a microlight aeroplane is required to hold a Private Pilot Licence (Microlight) (abbreviated "PPL(M)"). A person learning to fly a microlight aeroplane must hold a Student Pilot Licence (abbreviated "SPL") before flying the aeroplane alone ("solo" flying) and he/she may only fly solo when authorised by an appropriately licensed Flight Instructor (see below).

Details of Licensing requirements can be found in Aeronautical Notice P17.

Requirements for Training

A person wishing to obtain a PPLY for a microlight must undergo a course of ground (Theoretical Knowledge) and flight training which is set out in an approved syllabi. This training will have to carried out at a Registered Training Facility (Microlight) (RTF(M)) approved by the IAA for this purpose.. Flight training covers normal and emergency procedures in general handling and cross-country navigation exercises. A minimum of 30 hours total flight time must be obtained, which must include 10 hours of 'solo' time and the required qualifying solo cross country flight. (Note: Microlight pilots are not required to undergo the 5 hours of instrument / radio navigation training required by conventional aeroplane pilots.) Ground training covers airframe and engine technical knowledge, aircraft performance and ‘weight & balance', meteorology (weather), navigation theory and flight planning, air law (Rules of the Air), radio communications (including Air Traffic Control procedures) and Human Performance & Limitations (the medical, physical and psychological aspects of flying). Theoretical Knowledge Examinations must be taken through the IAA in 9 subject areas. 

Persons who can give Microlight Training

Training must be undertaken with a qualified microlight aeroplane Flight Instructor (abbreviated "FI[M]") operating within a RTF(M). Such an instructor will hold aPPLon which is endorsed a Flight Instructor Rating for the microlight aeroplane classes in which he/she is qualified to instruct. The RTF(M) where instruction is being undertaken must be registered with the IAA for that purpose and shall have a Certificate of Registration which must be displayed in a prominent place within the premises.

Microlight Pilot Medical Requirements

Before going solo on a Student Pilot Licence (SPL), or being issued with a Private Pilot Licence (PPL), a person must pass a medical examination for a Class 2 Medical Certificate. This examination must be undertaken with a doctor who is nominated as an Aeromedical Examiner (AME) by the IAA.