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Historic, Vintage and Classic aircraft are:

  • Non complex aircraft whose: initial design was established before 1st Jan 1955 and production has been stopped before 1st Jan 1975;
  • Aircraft having a clear historical relevance, related to a participation in a noteworthy historical event; or a major step in the development of aviation; or a major role played into the armed forces of a Member State.

These Aircraft are not governed by EASA regulations but rather by national legislation. The IAA may issue a Certificate of Airworthiness or a Flight Permit to such an aircraft to allow it to fly within this state.  

Persons considering the purchase of an aircraft in this category should contact the Irish Light Aviation Society for information regarding aircraft registration and Flight Permits. More information is also available on Airworthiness Advisory Memorandum AAM 05/11.

Irish Light Aviation Society (ILAS)

ILAS is approved by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) to certify maintenance and make recommendations to the IAA for the issue of Flight Permits, for certain aircraft. They may also extend the validity of a Validity Certificate accompanying the Flight Permit. Owners should make an application for a Flight Permit for their aircraft through ILAS.   

Visiting Ireland

It is IAA policy to allow foreign registered aircraft, without an EASA/ICAO Certificate of Airworthiness, operate in Ireland on a temporary basis. Flight Permits, or equivalent, are only valid for operations within the State of Registration.

UK and French registered Classic and Vintage aircraft, compliant with IAA AN A19 may visit Ireland for a period of up to 28 days per visit. The aircraft may make multiple visits per year.

It is mandatory for aircraft, not meeting the requirements of A19, to obtain permission to operate in Irish Airspace. For information on how to apply for such permission, please see GAM 02/11 

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