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Root Cause Analysis Techniques [Classroom-based]

Course overview

The Irish Aviation Authority has collaborated with Cemax Consultants to bring this Root Cause Analysis Techniques course to its expanding catalogue. The course combines the best of regulatory and industry knowledge and will provide the delegate with a detailed overview of the concept of Root Cause Analysis, used in response to incidents, occurrences and audit findings. In addition, the topics of corrective action, preventive and remedial action are developed in detail with practical exercises throughout.

On completion of this course the delegate will have achieved sufficient knowledge of Root Cause Analysis techniques to allow her/him to develop effective corrective action proposals in response to audit findings (both regulatory and internal) and to construct organisational strategies in response to incidents and occurrences. 

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Regulatory Requirements – European Law 
  • Causes and Timelines – Fault Tree Analysis 
  • ‘5 Whys’ and why ‘Who’ is not import
  • Human Factors considerations for RCA investigations
  • Linear, Epidemiological and Systemic Analysis Models 
  • Cause & Effect Charts – Ishikawa 
  • The Bowtie Concept 
  • Summary and Close


Price for the one-day Root Cause Analysis Techniques classroom-based course - €550


  • 02 September 2024

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