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Upon receipt of a valid application for change of ownership, the Authority will re-register the aircraft and issue the new owner with a Certificate of Registration, or advise the applicant of any additional actions  that may be required.  Applicants should allow 10 working days for an application to be processed.  Typical additional actions that may be required vary.  As a rule the Authority requires:

  1. The current registered owner to confirm in writing that the aircraft registration EI-xxx in the name of ABCD was sold or transferred to XXXX.  This is usually achieved by the registered owner contacting the Authority by mail or facsimile requesting that his / her name or the name of a company / group / club to which the aircraft is registered, be removed from the Irish register of civil aircraft.  The letter / fax must be signed by the current registered owner(s), or in the case of a company, signed by a company director of the company secretary.
  2. Evidence of insurance, should also be submitted, preferably with the application form, but not later than the date of change of ownership.  Details of insurance requirements are included on the application form.  For futher information please see, EC regulation 785/2004 Mandatory Insurance Requirements.
  3. The new owner is required to hold a valid Radio License issued in his name, or company / group / club name in respect of this aircraft.  Please contact the Commission for Communication Regulation, Radio Licensing Department for further details.  A copy of the Radio License is required to be submitted to the Authority prior to completion of change of ownership.
  4. Any IDERA's lodged against an aircraft must be revoked prior to change of owner, as a change of owner is effectively a deregistration, followed immediately by a re-registration.  A new IDERA application may be submitted by the new owner once the change of ownership has been effected.

During the period of change of ownership, the aircraft shall not be flown until the Registration Certificate is issued by the Authority in the new entity's name, and the Certificate is placed on board the aircraft.

Where the change of registered ownership or for any change which may have critical implications for an operational aircraft (domestic or foreign operated), the applicants [registered owners and prospective owners] should liaise with the Authority [Aircraft Registration Department] well in advance of such change to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.

Please note, any change to the registered ownership of a foreign operated Irish registered aircraft may have critical implications for the aircraft operator concerned, especially where the aircraft operational responsibility etc. is delegated in accordance with ICAO article 83bis agreements between state of registry and state of operator.

The listed implications should be considered by prospective applicants, where change of ownership is considered:

  • Aircraft lease agreement
  • Pilots Certificate of General Validation,
  • Delegation Agreement,
  • Delegation or Continuted Delegation request to State of Operator
  • Radio License
  • Is Foreign aircraft operator advised of such change?
  • Foreign operator AOC / Operational requirements
  • Foreign Operator Insurance requirements