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The IAA receives occurrence reports in compliance with EU regulations. The options below may be used for either mandatory or voluntary reports:

ECCAIRS compatible E5x files submitted directly to IAA at

This option requires some development work on the part of the reporter and it is meant for approved organisations with existing occurrence reporting systems in place (eg as part of an SMS).  Organisations are advised to contact the IAA, through their designated surveillance inspector, in order to transition from their current reporting system to this ECCAIRS compatible system.

Report to IAA via the European Commission on-line occurrence reporting portal

  • By highlighting mandatory fields and providing relevant drop-down menu options, this online portal ensures that reporters who use this site submit reports that are fully compliant with the regulations.
  • As this site requires a certain level of manual entry it is not recommended for large organisations (see option 1 above) but it is an ideal site for use by small organisations or individuals (e.g. private pilots (incl Annex II aircraft), drone operators etc.) to report.  It may also be used for persons working in organisations who wish to report directly to IAA, independently of the system provided by their organisation (e.g. whistle-blower reports)
  • This site is open to be used by anyone (including members of the public), however, the site anticipates that the reporter has some background knowledge in aviation that may make it very difficult the general public to use. 
A new version of the European Aviation Safety Reporting Portal was published on 5th Jan 2021. Training to provide an overview of the new version is already available here
In the meantime, training on how to use the previous version of the portal remains pertinent because the requirements in terms of report information remain applicable when using ECCAIRS 2. Training can be found here.

Other Reporting Forms

In addition to meeting the requirements of Regulation (EU) 376/2014, the IAA has developed specific reporting forms to gather further information on specific hazards.  Completion of the following forms does not obviate the need to report the related occurrence using the reporting options discussed above.

  • Dangerous Goods Form (see further information on the carriage of dangerous goods). Completed form to be submitted to .
  • Air Traffic Incident Report Form The form for reporting air traffic incidents is located in section ENR 1.14-3 ‘Air Traffic Incidents' of the AIP. (See online version in the IAIP)
  • Occurrence relating to the discovery of Unapproved Parts should be submitted using one of the reporting options listed above.