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Fill in application form

Fill in as many details as you can. 
Questions left unanswered may result in application process being delayed.

Sign and date the application form

Individual making the application

Sign and date the application form in the appropriate area.

2 or more people making the application

Each person must sign the application form in the appropriate area.

A registered company making the application

A current director or the company secretary of the company (as per a current CRO printout) must sign and date the application form in the appropriate area.

Include (or forward after application) all required documents

All applications must provide

  • Correctly filled in and signed application form
  • Copy of the aircrafts Insurance Certificate
  • Non-Reg or De-Reg notice from previous Authority (generally provided Authority to Authority)
  • Export Certificate of Airworthiness OR EASA Form 52 OR an original Certificate of Airworthiness and a valid ARC

Applications where aircraft will have a radio must additionally provide

A copy of the Radio Station License issued by Commission for Aviation Regulation (ComReg)

Applications made by a registered company must additionally provide

A current Companies Registration Office (CRO) printout

Make payment


Fees are calculated based on the type certificated Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) in Kgs of the individual aircraft. 
Payment can be made by:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card
  • Wire Transfer
  • Purchase Order

Contact for bank details or call +353 1603 1077 to make a credit card payment for aircraft registration