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Title Publication date
Landings in the presence of thunderstorms near the runway present an ongoing risk to aviation safety 27 Nov 2017
On a NPA, monitoring the descent profile is not optional 13 Nov 2017
2006 cargo fire was a precursor to later fatal cargo in-flight fire events 31 Oct 2017
Landing without ATC Clearance (SKYclip) 16 Oct 2017
Simultaneous Approaches to Parallel Runways 11 Sep 2017
AT76, vicinity Taipei Songshan Taiwan, 2015 21 Aug 2017
Tired crew, commercial pressure, night visual approach, inoperative GPWS and "black hole" effect ends in CFIT 14 Aug 2017
Experienced captain intentionally penetrates a line of mature thunderstorms... 02 Aug 2017
Attempted take-off from a taxiway parallel to the departure runway not reported by Captain 31 Jul 2017
2017 Safety Forum outputs 17 Jul 2017
"Unintentional interruption of Air Traffic Service" leads to airborne conflict 03 Jul 2017
An example of the risks of operating into runways which require visual circuits constrained by terrain 26 Jun 2017
Another example of the limitations of "see and avoid" in Class E airspace 19 Jun 2017
Controller Blind Spot (SKYclip) 09 Jun 2017
Rules of Thumb 29 May 2017
When sight of a previously visible runway is lost... change the plan 22 May 2017
A severe case of "plan continuation bias" 15 May 2017
Knowing that a runway is closed, would you not question a clearance to take off from it? 18 Apr 2017
Comprehensive failure to pay attention to various relevant SOPs 09 Jan 2017
A bird strike to the wing can make an aircraft un-flyable 21 Nov 2016

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