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Title Publication date
Rules of Thumb 29 May 2017
When sight of a previously visible runway is lost... change the plan 22 May 2017
A severe case of "plan continuation bias" 15 May 2017
Knowing that a runway is closed, would you not question a clearance to take off from it? 18 Apr 2017
Comprehensive failure to pay attention to various relevant SOPs 09 Jan 2017
A bird strike to the wing can make an aircraft un-flyable 21 Nov 2016
Uncontained engine failure on take off roll 17 Nov 2016
Black hole situations 14 Nov 2016
The critical importance of a full and free check of the elevators at some point prior to take off... 07 Nov 2016
Callsign Confusion, a SKYclip 03 Nov 2016
Clearances for Departing and Arriving Aircraft 01 Nov 2016
The importance of using engine anti-icing proactively 24 Oct 2016
Loss of Separation at Sector Boundaries 17 Oct 2016
The risk associated with requesting (or accepting) intersection departures which have not been fully prepared for 03 Oct 2016
Task saturation, a breakdown of situational awareness, and deterioration in adherenece to SOPs has tragic consequences 26 Sep 2016
Many defensive barriers can be successively breached in the take off/missed approach conflict scenario 20 Sep 2016
Blind Spots – Inefficient conflict detection with closest aircraft 12 Sep 2016
An event which highlights the risks associated with low workload 30 Aug 2016
It is not necessarily just passengers who do not know how to use oxygen masks correctly 22 Aug 2016
An example of Class E airspace collision risks.. 15 Aug 2016

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