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Title Publication date
The importance of maintaining situational awareness when on radar vectors to approach 08 Aug 2016
Flight data monitoring can be a means to inform maintenance intervention 02 Aug 2016
Importance of correct use of manual tilt in order to detect and avoid significant areas of ice crystals 25 Jul 2016
A safety success story 18 Jul 2016
A violation of minima with predictable results... 14 Jul 2016
Automation accuracy should not be seen as a "safety enabler" for violation 04 Jul 2016
VFR Flight into IMC 27 Jun 2016
Check for Obstacles Before Attention is Focused on the Stand Entry Guidance System 14 Jun 2016
Safety Reccomendations Regarding Fatal Helicopter Accident 07 Jun 2016
Lightening Strike to Engines 06 Jun 2016
Controller Detection of Manoeuvring Area Conflicts 02 Jun 2016
Understanding how directional control of an aircraft is achieved during a crosswind take off 23 May 2016
The potential hazard of IFR flight in Class "E" airspace 16 May 2016
The critical importance of effective smoke exclusion from the flight deck. 09 May 2016
Mountain waves and severe icing - a dangerous combination... 25 Apr 2016
UK civil air display review: final report Shoreham air disaster of August 2015 20 Apr 2016
A combination of high speed and low altitude will always increase the risk of structural damage from a bird strike 11 Apr 2016
Final report published on Germanwings crash in March 2015 06 Apr 2016
An example of how not, and when not, to fly a visual approach 29 Mar 2016
Pilot inaction due to the effects of "startle" at unexpected engine failure 21 Mar 2016

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