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Title Publication date
Lightening Strike to Engines 06 Jun 2016
Controller Detection of Manoeuvring Area Conflicts 02 Jun 2016
Understanding how directional control of an aircraft is achieved during a crosswind take off 23 May 2016
The potential hazard of IFR flight in Class "E" airspace 16 May 2016
The critical importance of effective smoke exclusion from the flight deck. 09 May 2016
Mountain waves and severe icing - a dangerous combination... 25 Apr 2016
UK civil air display review: final report Shoreham air disaster of August 2015 20 Apr 2016
A combination of high speed and low altitude will always increase the risk of structural damage from a bird strike 11 Apr 2016
Final report published on Germanwings crash in March 2015 06 Apr 2016
An example of how not, and when not, to fly a visual approach 29 Mar 2016
Pilot inaction due to the effects of "startle" at unexpected engine failure 21 Mar 2016
A broad understanding of aircraft systems can inform responses to unexpected situations... 07 Mar 2016
Flying a non-standard circling approach in IMC and ignoring EGPWS warnings has a predictable outcome... 29 Feb 2016
Importance of having clear procedure for rapid disembarkation when airbridges still attached 15 Feb 2016
ASDE is an effective Safety Net... if used 08 Feb 2016
A good example of how Safety Nets save lives 01 Feb 2016
A near runway collision with several contributing factors 25 Jan 2016
Effective oversight underpinned by effective OFDM is vital in any operation 19 Jan 2016
The importance of anticipating when a very late go around may become necessary 11 Jan 2016
A reminder of the potential high fire risk associated with carriage of live oxygen generators 04 Jan 2016

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