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Single and two-seater gyroplanes with a maximum take-off mass (MTOM) not exceeding 600kg are regulated by national legislation. Larger gyroplanes are regulated by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. This page refers to the former.

Gyroplanes may be issued with a Flight Permit to allow them fly within the State. Owners should contact the Irish Light Aviation Society for guidance on registering a gyroplane.  More information is available on Flight Permits and Maintenance of Annex I Aircraft (Homebuilt, Classic, Vintage and some Microlights)

Irish Light Aviation Society

The Irish Light Aviation Society is approved by the Irish Aviation Authority to certify maintenance and make recommendations to the IAA for the issue of Flight Permits for gyroplanes that meet the criteria of Annex I (detailed above).  Owners should make an application for a Flight Permit for their gyroplane through the Irish Light Aviation Society.

Flying a Gyroplane

Information on obtaining a licence to fly a gyroplane.