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To deregister (and export) an aircraft, a request in writing from the registered owner(s) is required.  The request must include the complete description of the aircraft, registration marks, make, model, serial number.  The Irish Aviation Authority may only accept a request for cancellation of an aircraft from the Irish Register of Civil Aircraft:

  1. where such a request is received from the registered owner of the aircraft,  Article 18(c) of the Irish Aviation Authority (Nationality and Registration of Aircraft) Order, 2015 refers, or
  2. in accordance with Article XIII of International Interests in Mobile Equipment (Cape Town Convention) Act 2005 S.I. No. 15 of 2005, where an IDERA is so recorded by the Authority, or
  3. in accordance with Article 18 of the Irish Aviation Authority (Nationality and Registration of Aircraft) Order, 2015.

To deregister (and export) an aircraft the following are required:

  1. Formal request in writing giving details mentioned above.  This letter must be signed
    1. If registered owner is an individual - individual signs the request
    2. If registered owner is more than 1 individual  - all individuals must sign (or send separate letters)
    3. If registered owner is a company - letter must be signed by a current director of the company or the current company secretary (as per current CRO print-out)
  2. Proof that the aircrafts nameplate / fireproof plate has been removed
  3. Proof  that the registration marks have been removed from the aircraft
  4. Proof that the aircrafts Irish Mode S code has been negated (if applicable)
  5. Proof that the aircrafts Irish ELT code has been negated (if applicable)
  6. If the aircraft is on an Irish AOC, it must be removed from the AOC prior to deregistration
  7. All fees outstanding must be paid in full for the aircraft
  8. If the aircraft has an IDERA lodged against it, the IDERA must be removed first.

Additionally, in the case of export, the name of the foreign state to which the aircraft is being exported is also required.  Where an Export Certificate of Airworthiness is required, the applicant should submit the applicable forms with prescribed fee to the Authority, at least 20 working days in advance of required export date.