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Aer Lingus Ltd.


Approval No. IE.145.034
P.O. Box 180
Dublin Airport
Co. Dublin
Tel: 01 886 2222
Fax: 01 886 3832

Ratings: A1, C5, C6, C15, C18

Aero Engines Ireland Ltd.


Approval No. IE.145.030
Omega House
Collinstown Cross
Co. Dublin
Tel: 01 836 8684
Fax: 01 837 4470

Ratings: B1, C7, D1

Aero Inspection International


Approval No. IE.145.051
Unit 2
Distribution Centre SFZ
Shannon Airport
Co. Clare
Tel: 061 353 747
Fax: 061 353 737

Ratings : B1, B3 (Boroscope, Boroblend), C5

Air Transport Systems Ltd.


Approval No. IE.145.049
Unit 141
Baldoyle Industrial Estate
Dublin 13
Tel: 01 839 1471
Fax: 01 832 1436

Ratings : C6

Andona Aviation 145


Approval No. IE.145.079

Dublin Airport

Forrest Great




Ratings: A3, C5

Apex Aviation Ltd.


Approval No. IE.145.086
Unit 4
Co. Tipperary

Ratings : B1, C7

ASL Airlines (Airlines) Ltd.
T/A Air Contractors 


Approval No. IE.145.024
3 Malahide Road
Co. Dublin
Tel: 01 812 1900
Fax: 01 812 1919

Ratings : A1


ATA 25

Approval No. IE.145.058
Castletown Tara
Garlow Cross
Tel: 046 902 5592

Ratings: C6

Atlantic Aviation Group Ltd.


Approval No. IE.145.007
Shannon Airport
Co. Clare
Tel: 061 717 700
Fax: 061 717 799

Ratings : A1, B1, C5, C6, C7, C8, C20

Boeing Ireland Ltd.

Approval No. IE.145.071
Cloghran House
Dublin Airport
Co. Dublin


Ratings: A1

CHC Ireland DAC


Approval No. IE.145.029
Arthur Cox Building
Earlsfort Terrace
Dublin 2

Workplace Address:
South East Apron,
Shannon Airport,
Co. Clare
Tel: 061 474 690
Fax: 061 474 031

Ratings : A3, C5, C6, C10

Cityjet DAC

Approval No. IE.145.028
Swords Business Campus
Balheary Road
Co. Dublin
Tel: 01 870 0100
Fax: 01 870 0115

Ratings : A1, C5

CRS Aerotechnics Ltd

T/A CRS Technics


Approval No. IE.145.083

18 Westside Business Park,

Old Kilmeadan Road,


Tel: 051 350 896

Tel: 051 352 752

Email: workshops@crs-technics.com

Web: www.crs-technics.com



Ratings: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9, C12, C13, C14, C15, C16, C17, C18, C19, C20 


Direct Aero Services


Approval No. IE.145.085
ABCO Kovex Building
Swords Business Park
Co. Dublin

Web: www.directaviation.aero/



Ratings: B1 & B3 (Borescope)

Dublin Aerospace Ltd.


Approval No. IE.145.062
Hangar 5
Dublin Airport
Co. Dublin
Tel: 01 812 6248

Ratings: A1, B3, C1, C5, C6, C7, C8, C12, C14, C15, C17, C18, D1

Eirtech Aviation Services Ltd.


Approval No. IE.145.074
East Ramp
Shannon Airport
Co. Clare
Tel: 061 471 800
Fax: 061 471 998

Ratings: C3, C6, C8, C20

Empathy Aviation Ltd


Approval No. IE.145.082
Office 21
Link Corridor
Terminal 1
Dublin Airport
Co Dublin

Tel: 01 844 7312 
Email: info@empathy.aero

Ratings: A1

Executive Helicopters Maintenance Ltd.

Approval No. IE.145.047
Co. Galway
Tel: 091 783 300
Fax: 091 75 588

Ratings: A3, C5

Galway Aviation Services Ltd.
(Trading as Aer Arann Islands)


Approval No. IE.145.023
Connemara Airport
Co. Galway
Tel: 091 593 505
Fax: 091 593 238

Ratings: A2, C5, C14,

Helicopter Support Ireland Ltd.


Approval No. IE.145.060
Churchtown North
Co. Cork
Tel: 087 659 1824
Fax: 021 463 6556

Ratings: A3

International Aerospace Coatings Ltd.


Approval No. IE.145.048
East Ramp
Shannon Airport
Co. Clare
Tel: 061 471 800
Email: info@iac.aero or sales@iac.aero


Ratings: C6

National Flight Centre


Approval No. IE.145.068
Weston Aerodrome
Co. Kildare
Tel: 01 6217333

Ratings: A2, A4, C5


ND Technologies Ltd


Approval No. IE.145.070

Unit D1 Smithstown Industrial Estate
Co. Clare
Tel: 086 360 6807

Ratings: D1 (NDT)


Panasonic Avionics Corporation


Approval No. IE.145.080
Unit 2 
Aiken Business Park

Co. Louth

Ratings: A1, C6

Parc Aviation Engineering Services Ltd.
(T/A CAE Parc Aviation Engineering Services)


Approval No. IE.145.072
Unit 2.1, Block 2
Woodford Business Park

Dublin 17
Tel: 01 816 1746 

Ratings: B1, B3


Ryanair DAC


Approval No. IE.145.004
Corporate Head Office
Airside Business Park
Co. Dublin
Tel: 01 812 1212
Fax: 01 812 1213

Ratings: A1, B1, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9, C13, C15, C18, C20

Shannon Aircraft Motor Works (Trading as Hamilton Sundstrand Shannon)


Approval No. IE.145.008
World Aviation Park
Co. Clare
Tel: 061 472466
Fax: 061 472381

Ratings: C1, C3, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9, C12, C14

SR Technics Airfoil Services Ltd.


Approval No. IE.145.054

Mahon Industrial Estate



Tel: 021 452 1200

Fax: 021 452 1201

Ratings: C7, D1  

Stobart Air Unlimited Company

Approval No. IE.145.036
1 Northwood Avenue
Dublin 9
Tel: 01 844 7700
Fax: 01 814 5250

Ratings : A1, C6, C7, C15, C18, C20

STS Aviation Services International


Approval No. IE.145.065

Henry Street


Ratings: A2

STS UJET Interiors Ltd.

Approval No. IE.145.075
Leamanagh Mor
Co. Clare
Tel: 061 512 747

Ratings: C6 (Aircraft seats, Aircraft Galleys)

Team Accessories


Approval No. IE.145.019

Ridgewell House
Co. Dublin

Tel: 01 843 3466
Fax: 01 843 3849


Ratings: C1, C4, C6, C7, C8, C9, C12, C14, C17.


Technical Engineering & Tooling Services Limited T/A TEG


Approval No. IE.145.078
Forest Park
Co. Westmeath

Tel: 044 933 3222



Ratings: C6

Turbine Repair Services Global Ireland Ltd.


Approval No. IE.145.059
IDA Business & Technology Park
Co Cork
Tel: 021 428 7300
Fax: 021 428 7301

Ratings: C7, D1

Vortex Aviation Ireland


Approval No. IE.145.073
Bay 140-141
Shannon Free Zone
Co. Clare
Tel: 061 704 826 
Fax: 061 704 827

Ratings: A1, B1

Westair Aviation Ltd.


Approval No. IE.145.013
Corporate Jet Centre
South East Apron
Shannon Airport
Co. Clare
Tel: 061 475 166
Fax: 061 474 544

Ratings: A1, A2, A3


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