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Conditions for Continued Registration

The Irish Aviation Authority (Nationality and Registration of Aircraft) S.I.107 of 2015 refers. Copies may be obtained from the Government Publication Sales Office.

An aircraft may be registered in the State subject to the condition that it be managed and operated from a place within the State and based therein or that it be managed and operated by an air transport undertaking holding an Air Operator Certificate issued by the Authority. (See Article 7 of the Order for complete text).

Note: Should any operator or person have any doubt about the content or scope of the Nationality and Registration Order requirements or need to seek clarification or guidance they should contact the Aircraft Registration Department of the Authority at +353 1 603 1100, dial 5 for aircraft registration, or send an email to

Send a completed, dated and signed aircraft registration form AWSD Form 1 with prescribed fee to:

Aircraft Registration Department,
Irish Aviation Authority,
The Times Building
11-12 D'Olier Street
Dublin 2

Aircraft Registration Process: Allow at least 20 working days from receipt of all required items for process to complete.

All fees are required to be confirmed as paid prior to the issue of any certificate by this Authority.