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The Aeronautical Services and Security Department certifies and licenses airports / aerodromes in Ireland.

Certificated Aerodromes:

In line with EU Regulation No. 139 of 2014, which lays down the requirements and administrative procedures related to aerodromes, those aerodromes which are open to public use, serve commercial air transport and have a paved runway of 800ms or more or exclusively serve helicopters with instrument procedures may be certificated by the national Competent Authority.

Licensed Aerodromes:

Under national aviation law, aerodromes which are not within the scope of the European regulation require licensing if landing or departure by aircraft carrying passengers or goods for hire or reward is being undertaken.

Additionally, under national aviation law, an aircraft shall not take-off from or land at any place in the State save at an aerodrome licensed under S.I. 355 of 2008 – Aerodromes and Visual Ground Aids Order. Generally, where flight training is being undertaken, there is a requirement for licensing.

In certain instances, where operations are not considered complex, in line with S.I. 355, an aerodrome may be prescribed as suitable by the Authority for specific organisation(s) to carry out instructional flight training at an unlicensed aerodrome. This is subject to meeting a range of requirements, please contact the aerodromes division for further information.

All other sites, aerodromes, airstrips or helipads throughout the country are therefore unlicensed and not subject to any form of regulatory oversight. Please contact your local planning authority in relation to any activities at such fields or locations.

Details of the current certificated and licensed aerodromes are published in AIP Ireland (AD Section 1.5 – Status of Certification of Aerodromes).

Land Use Planning:

Please be advised that the previously issued: Irish Aviation Authority Policy – Land Use Planning and Offshore Development (December 2014) is currently under review.

In the interim and to discuss any matters related to planning, please contact:


  • EU Regulation 2018/1139;
  • EU Regulation 139/2014;
  • S.I. 355 of 2008 – Aerodromes and Visual Ground Aids Order.

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