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Individuals training under PART-FCL regulation are not required to hold a Student Pilot Licence for Aeroplane, Helicopter or other categories covered by the regulation  

Training under Part-FCL only


FCL.020 Student pilot

(a) A student pilot shall not fly solo unless authorised to do so and supervised by a flight instructor.

(b) Before his/her first solo flight, a student pilot shall be at least:

                  (1) in the case of aeroplanes, helicopters and airships: 16 years of age;

                  (2) in the case of sailplanes and balloons: 14 years of age.

You should hold a current LAPL or Class 2 Medical as detailed by Parts FCL and Med and hold a valid English Language Assessment.

For further details, please contact your Approved Training Organisation (ATO).

Other Training

For SPL Microlight / Gyroplane and Annex II aircraft training, please complete application form RPPL-F-101 (link below) and submit the required document as listed at the back of the application form and the prescribed fee.

Applications for Student Pilot Licences should be accompanied with the appropriate Class of Medical Certificate issued by an Authorised Medical Examiner (AME).

Queries should be directed to your ATO in the first instance.

All other queries should be addressed to