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For aircraft not subject to EASA requirements, the following organisations are approved to certify maintenance and issue Flight Permit recommendations to the IAA. Some organisations may also extend the validity of Validity Certificates accompanying the Flight Permit. The full terms of their approval are set out in their individual expositions.

The aircraft listed below are in the categories listed in Annex I, and are not affected by the EASA regulations and remain the subject of national regulations. IAA arrangements will remain in place for these aircraft:

  • Amateur Built Aircraft
  • Classic and Vintage Aircraft
  • Gyrocopters
  • Microlights

For aircraft subject to EASA requirements, the following organisations have been approved by the IAA.

List of Maintenance Organisations approved per EASA Part 145 or Part CAO

List of Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations approved per EASA CAM(O)