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Applications for a Groundhandling Approval must be made using our application form which is available to download here.

The IAA recommends a pre-application meeting in order to understand the type of operations proposed, to explain how the application process works and to respond to any queries applicants may have on the application process or on the relevant requirements of the Groundhandling Regulations. To request a pre-application meeting please contact:

We process your personal data in line with the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018. See our privacy statement here.

Please read our Guidance Note on Applying for a Groundhandling Approval before you start to complete the application form.

We also recommend that you take the time to read the  Instructions for completing the Application Form for a Groundhandling Approval. These instructions contain important information for navigating through and completing the application form.

There is a fee payable on application for a Groundhandling Approval, the fee structure is as follows (effective from 1st January 2023) :

Application fee€2,096
Annual fee€2,096
Licence amendment fee€931
Late fee€2,328


Further details on the fees for Groundhandling Approval applications are provided here

Important Note: In addition to the Groundhandling Approval from the IAA, applicants are also required to satisfy the particular requirements of the airport operator at the relevant airport at which it is proposed to engage in groundhandling activities. A Groundhandling Requirements Form must be completed and submitted to the relevant airport operator. Click on the relevant airport below for further information: 

Dublin Airport        Shannon Airport        Cork Airport 


The IAA requires that groundhandlers maintain adequate insurance at all times to cover liability in respect of employees, passengers, luggage, cargo, mail and third parties.

If a company fails to maintain adequate insurance cover, the IAA may withdraw that company's Groundhandling Approval.

The IAA applies the following minimum levels of insurance cover to all groundhandlers:

Type of coverMinimum liability
Public liability  
War risksUS$50,000,000
Motor Vehicles (Property Damage)€127,000,000
Employer's liability €13,000,000
Motor Cover  
Bodily injuryUnlimited
Property damage€127,000,000
Airside extensionYes


The following  Insurance Declaration Form is required to be completed by first-time applicants and also on an annual basis by holders of Groundhandling approvals in order to ensure compliance with the insurance requirements.

Monitoring and Compliance

Click here for summary of monitoring and compliance requirements applicable to Groundhandling Approval holders.