IAA Website - Monday, May 16, 2022 7:51 AM

Theoretical examinations have resumed in a controlled manner.

Due to Covid-19 public health measures that may be imposed at short notice, planned examination sittings may need to be amended, postponed or cancelled. 

Please see the PPL Examinations page for the next sitting.

The schedule of CPL/ATPL/IR/CBIR exams for 2022 is as follows:        

APRIL25th – 27th APRIL4th APRIL
JUNE20th – 22nd JUNE30th MAY
AUGUST15th – 17th AUGUST25th JULY


Please note that examinations may be affected by restrictions enforced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This may include restrictions such as reduction in available places, staggered start times, short notice cancellations, change of venue etc. 

The IAA has worked closely with the ATOs to provide schedules to assist with the return to normal timetables.


Please contact your ATO / DTO with any queries.



Applicants are reminded that while all exams must be passed by the 4th attempt over 6 sittings within a defined period, there is no obligation to attend a specific sitting. 




The IAA has moved to an online examination system for Pilot Exams


For information on PPL examinations, please click here. 


Private and Professional examinations are offered in English only.


Professional Pilot Examinations

All examinations may not be available at selected locations for a particular sitting.

You may access a demo of the exam system here (pop-up blockers will need to be disabled).

The closing dates below are the last date for acceptance based on space being available. Where a place is not available for a particular date you may be offered an alternative date available.

Notification for exams are now sent by email. Please ensure your email is legible on your application and provide an address that you regularly access.

Failure to do so may lead to you not receiving notifications.



The following information is taken from the EASA website:


Graphic Images in the ECQB

The graphic images used in the ECQB as annexes to questions come from a variety of sources and in most cases are easily available. These include Appendix 1 to Part SERA, Met charts and the Jeppesen General Student Route Manual (GSPRM).

To support students preparing for their exams, a small number of ECQB sample annexes that might not be easily accessed is provided for private study: please refer to here.


Aeronautical Charts and the ECQB

The aeronautical charts that are used with the latest ECQB release are taken from the GSPRM, as published by Jeppesen (2017)