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The operation of a ferry flight or delivery flight by large transport aircraft (exceeding 30,000 lbs (13,620 kg) maximum total weight) which is not listed on an Irish Air Operators Certificate (AOC), or a foreign delegated AOC, or a declaration is subject to Irish national legislation. Such flights require IAA authorisation before they can be conducted. 

Ferry flights – flights changing the location of the aircraft.

Ferry flights could be performed for the following purposes: 

(a) The aircraft is moved to and from a maintenance base. The aircraft may be operated under the permit-to-fly conditions.

(1) unpressurised flight,
(2) gear-down flight,
(3) flight with one engine inoperative.

(b) The aircraft is moved from one location to another, e.g. from the manufacturer, refurbishment location, previous owner, lessor/lessee, long-term storage to the operator’s base.

Other term used: delivery flight.

(c) The aircraft and its aircrew are positioned to an aerodrome from which a further commercial air transport (CAT) operation will be performed.

Other term used: positioning flight.

(d) The aircraft is moved from its current location to a secure location for various reasons (e.g. to remove it from a hazardous area).
Other term used: recovery flight.

Ferry Flights do not include maintenance check flights (MCF). These are subject to the EASA Regulation and such aircraft must be listed on an AOC or a declaration. 

The IAA will process an application for the authorisation of ferry flights undertaken by large transport aircraft. Ferry flights must comply with all Authority requirements set out  on FOD.F.224a Ferry Flight Application Form “Application Form for the Operation of Large Complex Motor-Powered Aeroplanes and Helicopters Involved in Ferry Flight Operations when not listed on an AOC or on a Declaration”, which can be found at Flight Operations Department Application Forms.

Applications for a ferry flight must be submitted on this form and submitted to for authorisation.