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What are Amateur Built (homebuilt) Aircraft?

Aircraft of which at least 51 % is built by an amateur or a non-profit making association of amateurs, for their own purposes and without any commercial objective. These aircraft are subject to national legislation rather than European regulations. Amateur built aircraft may be issued with a Flight Permit to allow them fly within the State.

Owners should contact the Irish Light Aviation Society (ILAS) in order to apply for a Flight Permit. More information is available on Airworthiness Advisory Memorandum 06.

Please Note: Every amateur built aircraft is a one-off; Series production by individuals is not permitted.

Visiting Ireland

It is IAA policy to allow foreign registered aircraft, without an EASA/ICAO Certificate of Airworthiness, operate in Ireland on a temporary basis. Flight Permits, or equivalent, are only valid for operations within the State of Registration. Amateur built (homebuilt) aircraft registered in an ECAC state are welcome to visit Ireland for up to 28 days per visit without any additional airworthiness documentation. Details on this is available on IAA AN 19.

For longer stays, or for aircraft which do not meet the requirements of the notice, please submit a completed application form AWSD.F.138C to the IAA. For validation of a non-ICAO Pilot Licence/qualification which doesn't meet the criteria in IAA AN P21, please submit a completed application form RPPL.F.155A to the IAA

Irish Light Aviation Society (ILAS)

ILAS is approved by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) to certify maintenance and make recommendations to the IAA for the issue of Flight Permits for Amateur Built (homebuilt) aircraft. Owners should make an application for a Flight Permit for their aircraft through ILAS at www.ilas.ie


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