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Implementation of Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/539 Of 6 April 2016 (Amending Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011) as Regards Pilot Training, Testing and Periodic Licence Proficiency Checking For Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Privileges.

Article 4a - Performance-based navigation instrument rating privileges

Pilots may only fly in accordance with performance-based navigation (“PBN”) procedures after they have been granted PBN privileges as an endorsement to their instrument rating (“IR”).

The deadline for compliance by instrument rated pilots of the above regulation was 25 April 2021 (See AN P34). Anyone wishing to have their IR revalidated or renewed shall have evidence of PBN. 

Following that date, holders of an IR without a PBN endorsement may nor exercise the privileges of an IR.

Article 4a - Performance-based navigation instrument rating privileges

IR pilots without PBN privileges may only fly on routes and approaches that do not require PBN privileges and no PBN items shall be required for the renewal of their IR, until 25 August 2020*; after that date, PBN privileges shall be required for every IR.”

*extended to 25 April 2021 per above

Personnel Licensing Advisory Memorandum (PLAM) 009 - TITLE: PROCEDURES FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2016/539 OF 6 APRIL 2016 (AMENDING REGULATION (EU) NO 1178/2011) AS REGARDS PILOT TRAINING, TESTING AND PERIODIC LICENCE PROFICIENCY CHECKING FOR PERFORMANCE BASED NAVIGATION (PBN) PRIVILEGES available here, outlines the process required to attain a PBN endorsement. The associated form related to PBN may be accessed here.

The "Aircrew" Regulation

NOTE: Since April 8th 2018, JAR-FCL pilot licences are no longer valid for use on EASA aircraft. JAR-FCL holders must contact their own State of Licence issue to discuss conversion arrangements. JAR-FCL licences may not be transferred in Ireland for issuance of a Part-FCL licence.

Please check the EASA website here regularly for links to the latest amendments to the Aircrew Regulation

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