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Holders of a Groundhandling Approval must apply for an amendment prior to:

  • Engaging in the provision of new groundhandling activities or
  • Providing groundhandling services at a new airport location*

Applicants will be required to submit relevant documentation in support of the additional activities sought, or their proposed operations at a new airport location. The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA)  will examine applications for an amendment to an Approval with regard to financing, staff roles and training, equipment, safety and insurance.

Amendment applications should be made to the IAA in advance of the commencement of new activities or operations at a new airport location. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for the application to be processed as it is important that the IAA has sufficient time to examine applications.

Click here to download the Groundhandling Approval Amendment Form

In addition to obtaining an amendment from the IAA, applicants are advised to contact the airport operator at the relevant airport to ensure that they meet the airport operator’s requirements for providing any additional activities at the current airport location(s), or for operating at a new airport location. Contact details for the Groundhandling Units at Dublin, Cork and Shannon Airports are available by clicking on the links below:

Dublin Airport       Cork Airport       Shannon Airport


*Holders of self-handling Approvals are already authorised to operate at all three airports where a Groundhandling Approval is required (i.e. Dublin, Cork and Shannon Airports). Self-handlers need only apply for an amendment to an Approval when they wish to add further activities to the Schedule.