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Groundhandling FAQs

What is groundhandling?
What is the difference between self-handling and third party handling?
What is IAA’s role in groundhandling?
Why was the European Directive on groundhandling introduced?
Who needs a groundhandling approval?
Are there any exceptions?
How do I apply for a groundhandling approval?
What requirements do groundhandlers need to meet in order to secure and maintain a groundhandling approval?
How long does the application process take?
For how long is an Approval valid?
What is the application fee?
Do I need to contact other organisations before commencing groundhandling operations?
Where can I find copies of the relevant legislation governing groundhandling?
Where can I find a list of approved groundhandlers?
Do any restrictions apply in terms access to the Groundhandling market at Irish airports?
How do I contact the Groundhandling section of the IAA?

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