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Background Information

In 2017, following a strategic action taken by the JRC, DG Move and EASA, it was decided to move all ECCAIRS related technical activities to EASA. ECCAIRS 2 project was launched, based on modern IT technologies (cloud-based), allowing a more efficient central architecture and combining the European Aviation Safety Reporting Portal, the “national” ECCAIRS database and the European Central Repository in one web-based solution.

ECCAIRS 2 will bring the following benefits: 

  • State of the art IT technology secured central architecture, private cloud environment, managed by EASA.
  • Integrated cybersecurity protocols, with Multi-Factor-Authentication and fully encrypted data.
  • Compatibility with all internet browsers and operating systems.
  • User-friendly interfaces.
  • All updates, fixes, enhancements for both the Software and the Taxonomy values immediately available for users.
  • Central support via built-in “helpdesk” to report issues, ask questions, propose improvements.
  • Integration into Data4Safety program of the EC/EASA, subject to strict data protection as per EU 376/2014: advanced analytics, insights and auto-improved data quality to support aviation safety. 

New European Aviation Safety Reporting Portal

A new version of the European Aviation Safety Reporting Portal has been published on 5th Jan 2021. The portal is available at aviationreporting.eu 

The release highlights are presented in the following video:

The minimum Browser versions that EASA has recommended are:

Internet Explorer - 11.0.146
Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge 18
Mozilla Firefox - Version 69
Chrome - Version 77

For any questions, comments and support please contact us at osp@iaa.ie