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Powered Paraglider Aircraft (PPG)

Under the Irish Aviation Authority (Personnel Licensing) Order, a pilot of a PPG is required to hold a pilot Licence. The requirements for the attainment of such a licence can be found in Aeronautical Notice P35

Requirements for Training

A person wishing to obtain an PPG qualification must undergo a course of training at a Declared National PPG Training Organisation.

Persons who can give PPG Training

Training must be undertaken with a qualified PPG Flight Instructor (abbreviated "FI[PPG]"). Such an instructor will hold an PPG qualification which will be endorsed as a Flight Instructor Rating for the PPG classes in which they are qualified to instruct. In addition, the DTO (PPG) where instruction is being undertaken must be declared to the IAA for that purpose as a Declared National PPG Flight Training Organisation.

PPG Pilot Medical Requirements

Before going solo or being issued with an PPG Pilot Licence, a person must pass a medical examination for an EASA Light Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL) Medical Certificate or higher.

Refer to Aeronautical Notice P35 for full details.

Other Forms of Powered Paraglider

Other forms of Powered Paragliders not specified in Aeronautical Notice P35 also require a licence or exemption.

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