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No. Title Date of issue Type Size
AWSD.F.104A Application for the issue of COA, Export COA and/or ARC (aircraft MTOM more than 2,730kg) 01 Sep 2015
162 KB Download
ASAM No 40 Guidance on the issue of EC declarations of conformity, suitability for use and verification of systems 16 Jan 2020
648 KB Download
ASAM 039 Changes under Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/373 that do not affect the functional system 19 Dec 2019
215 KB Download
ASAM 038 Changes under Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/373 that affect the functional system 19 Dec 2019
106 KB Download
ASAM 037 Guidance on the application and exposition requirements for Service Providers seeking Competent Authority certification for the provision of services across the Member State Ireland under Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/373 26 Aug 2019
170 KB Download
ASAM 036 Changes to an Air Traffic Controller Training Organisation 17 Jan 2019
464 KB Download
ASAM 035 Reminder of legal responsibilities in the provision of an Air Traffic Control Service 07 Jan 2019
82 KB Download
ASAM 034 Guidance on the Competent Authority / National Supervisory Authority Adhoc and Special Audit Processes 14 Aug 2018
89 KB Download
ASAM 033 Guidance on Air Traffic Controller Unit and Continuation training course approval. 17 Jan 2019
421 KB Download
ASAM 032 Guidance on the application and exposition requirements for training organisaitons seeking Competent Authority approval 17 Jan 2019
56 KB Download
ASAM 031 Guidance on the requirements for a Test Service Provider to conduct English Language Proficiency Testing of Air Traffic Controllers 17 Jan 2017
68 KB Download
ASAM 029 Guidance Material on Wildlifestrike Reporting 14 Nov 2014
175 KB Download
ASAM 027 ATS procedures in Low Visibility Operations - Recommendation for Check Minima Procedure 24 Jun 2011
29 KB Download
ASAM 026 Guidance regarding ATS Provision in the Vicinity of Volcanic Ash 09 Dec 2016
74 KB Download
ASAM 025 Guidance on the Impact of Volcano Ash on Aviation Ground Facilities 24 Nov 2014
44 KB Download
ASAM 024 Guidance Material on European AIS Database (EAD) 21 Jan 2015
249 KB Download
ASAM 023 Guidance Material on Specification for Obstruction Surveys 21 Jan 2015
196 KB Download
ASAM 022 Guidance Material on Positional Data, Preparation and Validation 18 Aug 2016
73 KB Download
ASAM 021 Guidance Material on Aeronautical Data Collection - An Overview of Techniques 21 Jan 2015
318 KB Download
ASAM 020A Temporary Airspace Application Form 21 Jan 2015
123 KB Download

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