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No. Title Date of issue Type Size
RPPL-F-171 Application for the issue of an exemption from the requirement to hold a flight crew licence for an Irish registered Foot-Launched Powered Aircraft (FLPA) 22 Jul 2017
59 KB Download
RPPL-F-147C Application for Revalidation of SE Piston Aeroplane (Land/Sea), Foot-Launched PPG/PHG & Gyroplane 04 Aug 2017
149 KB Download
RPPL.F.127B Notification of use of 3rd Country Licence / Qualification in accordance with Provisions of Aeronautical Notice P21 06 Apr 2017
117 KB Download
PPL.F.102E Application for the issue of a Part-FCL PPL(A) 07 Oct 2014
3357 KB Download
RPPL-F-156E Application for Removal of ZFTT Restrictions from Type Rating 07 Jan 2016
66 KB Download
RPPL-F-120 Application for Verification of Licence 08 Aug 2017
154 KB Download
RPPL.F.126E Application for Validation of non EASA professional licences 06 Mar 2015
144 KB Download
RPPL-F-147A Application and Report Form for Single-Pilot Aeroplanes Except for High-Performance Complex Aeroplanes 16 Dec 2014
146 KB Download
RPPL-F-147 Application and Report Form for ATPL / MPL / Type Rating Skill Test or Proficiency Check 18 Nov 2014
489 KB Download
RPPL-F 130E - 5 PART-FCL Pilot Instructor Certificate Assessment of CompetenceReport Form 17 Oct 2014
326 KB Download
RPPL-F-131E-1 Application Form - Type Rating Instructor Helicopter - TRI (H) Certificate 17 Oct 2014
427 KB Download
RPPL-F-103E Application for the issue of a Part-FCL PPL(H) 17 Oct 2014
343 KB Download
RPPL-F-130E-2 Application Form for Synthetic Flight Instructor Aeroplane - SFI (A) Certificate 02 Oct 2013
217 KB Download
RPPL-F-171E Application for Conversion of an Existing IAA National Pilot Licence to a Part-FCL Licence 19 Aug 2013
113 KB Download
RPPL-F-800 Application for Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA) 05 Jul 2013
67 KB Download
RPPL-F-104AE Application for the issue of a PART-FCL Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) - Integrated Course Only 06 Jun 2013
76 KB Download
RPPL-F 400B Application Form PART-FCL Aeroplane or Helicopter - Examiner Certificate - Issue / Re-validation / Renewal / Variation 29 Jun 2014
116 KB Download
RPPL-F 130E -1 Application Form - Type Rating Instructor Aeroplane - TRI (A) Certificate 26 May 2013
237 KB Download
RPPL-F-104E Application for the issue of a Part-FCL Commercial Pilot Licence - Modular Course Only 26 May 2013
103 KB Download
RPPL-F-107E Application for the issue of a Part-FCL ATPL(H) 05 Jun 2013
70 KB Download

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