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Decision on the Summer 2018 Coordination Parameters at Dublin Airport

Sep 28, 2017, 01:00 by Engine Support

The Commission has published its decision on the slot coordination parameters which will apply at Dublin Airport for the Summer 2018 IATA slot season.

We have decided on a number of changes to the coordination parameters for Summer 2018. These changes include 1 additional departure movement in both of the peak morning hours and a number of incremental changes to runway movements throughout the day. In includes, an increase in the hourly limit on the number of departing passengers in Terminals 1 and 2 from 3,375 and 3,450, respectively, to 3,700 in each and an increased hourly limit on the number of arriving passengers in Terminal 1 from 3,390 to 3,550.

This decision does not differ from our Draft Decision published on 15 September 2017.

The decision paper is available here. The submissions received can be viewed here.