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Information for customers of Budget Travel

Jan 6, 2010, 00:00 by Engine Support
Passengers with forward bookings who have not submitted claims

Passengers that have made bookings for forward travel may be entitled to a refund from the bond. A claim form should be downloaded from this site (see link below). We ask that notes preceeding and following the claim form are read carefully.

If you have a query as to whether your package is going please email us using the following address and format  The notes below may assist you

  • Packages where Budget operated chartered flights - You may need to submit a claim for this;
  • Packages where Budget put together a scheduled flight plus accommodation etc - please contact your accommodation provider to check on the status - you may need to submit a claim form
  • Flight only arranged by Budget - if this is a scheduled flight it may still go ahead - check with the flight provider;
  • 3rd party packages sold through Budget Travel Shops. e.g: American Holidays/Sunway/Sunworld package sold through a Budget shop - check with the operator what the status of your holiday is - you may be able to continue your booking directly the operator however may need to submit a claim form too

Click here for claim form.

Passengers who have submitted claims

The Commission asks claimants for their patience in the processing of their claim for assignment or reimbursement - the Commission has received and continues to receive a large volume of claims on a daily basis and it is not possible to acknowledge receipt of each claim received - if, when claims are being logged it becomes apparent additional information is required or documentation is missing, claimants will be contacted by phone or post to send this information onto us. 

If you do have an urgent query regarding a claim you sent in for a holiday with a departure date within the next 4-6 weeks please email us using the above email format.

Claims are processed in order of date of departure and we will be update our website accordingly.

Passengers Overseas.

Budget consumers currently overseas should note that payments to Hotels for accommodation supplied as and from yesterday the 25th November and going forward until their repatriation will be refunded by the Commission from the Budget travel bond. Details of any payments should be set out on the Repatriation Claim form available from your holiday representative, at the Airport check in on departure or from the hotel manager. 

Where an individual accommodation provider is unwilling to continue existing accommodation arrangements or seeks an increased rate, consumers can relocate to other accommodation provided the rate is reasonable and accommodation is of a similar standard to that booked originally.

Where consumers however are asked to pay for accommodation and are unable to do so, the accommodation provider should email the Commission directly at and the Commission will arrange payment directly.

Passengers abroad should stay in touch with their resort representative and check the Budget notice boards for updates. 

Budget travel vouchers

Vouchers that have not been exchanged against overseas travel contracts are not refundable from the bond and persons are advised to either claim a charge back if paid by credit card or otherwise file a claim with the liquidator Mr Simon Coyle of Mazars.  Mazars can be contacted on 01-4494400

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