Important information on licences, training and examinations from the UK

The transition period in effect since the UK left the European Union has ended. The UK has left the EU Single Market and Customs Union, as well as all EU policies and international agreements. The UK is a third country.

On 24 December 2020, the European Commission reached an agreement with the United Kingdom on the terms of its future cooperation with the European Union. This agreement is provisionally applicable since 1 January 2021. 

In the agreement, Article AVSAF.3 identifies that Personnel Licensing will be an area where the Parties may cooperate. At this time, there are no agreements or associated Annexes in place between the EU and the UK in this area. Licensing and Training under the oversight of the UK CAA is now considered as third country licensing and training. 

Examiners certified by the UK CAA and not holding an Examiner certificate issued i.a.w. FCL.1000(c) by an EASA Member State, MAY NOT carry out any activity relating to an Irish Issued Part FCL licence. This includes performance of skill tests or proficiency checks, revalidation of rating pages etc.

More information on the impact on Aviation Licensing and Training of the UK leaving the EU may be viewed here.

Welcome to the IAA's Flight Examiners section. This is for use by Flight Examiners conducting Skill Tests, Proficiency Checks or Assessments of Competence on pilots holding a licence issued by the IAA or another EU Member State. The work in this area is on-going due to the implementation of new European Flight Crew licensing rules.

Please read the the IAA's National Administrative Procedures before completing the Notification of Test Form.

Flight Examiner Notification of Test Form

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Please note:

(1) The minimum notification period for LSTs is 5 working days. For all other tests please refer to Section 3 of the Briefing Document above.

(2) PBN Endorsements:  A  TRE who is not certificated by the IAA is not authorised to enter a temporary PBN endorsement on the Certificate of Test of a pilot who is employed by a non-Irish  AOC/ATO holding enterprise. The returned copy of such TRE’s Licence or Certificate must clearly show that they have been designated as being PBN-compliant by their own State Of Licence Issue (SOLI). Refer to PLAM 009, paragraphs 5.4 and 5.9, on IAA Website.

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I declare that I have received information from the applicant regarding his/her experience and instruction, and have found that experience and instruction complies with the applicable requirements in Part-FCL
I declare that I have reviewed and applied the IAA's current National Administrative Procedures