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Aviation Regulator confirms penalty of €6.7m for Dublin Airport’s 2023 quality performance

07 Mar 2024

The Irish Aviation Authority’s (IAA), economic regulation directorate today confirmed that Dublin Airport has earned a Quality of Service (QoS) bonus of €3.4 million and incurred a penalty of €10.1 million, resulting in a net penalty of €6.7 million for performance in 2023. 

The Quality of Service framework, designed to incentivise the provision of high-quality passenger services at Dublin Airport, looks at the experiences of all passengers, including those passengers who require additional assistance in travelling through the airport. The IAA monitors Dublin Airport’s performance against pre-defined targets. 

In summary: 

  • Bonuses were awarded for exceeding targets on overall customer satisfaction, ease of movement and finding your way around, availability of baggage trolleys, and satisfaction with the wi-fi.  

  • Penalties were incurred for not meeting the targets on cleanliness of terminals and washrooms, along with information on ground transport.  

  • Security queue times falling below target across the first five months of the year also resulted in penalties.   

  • Security queue performance significantly improved in the second half of 2023.  

  • The level of bonuses and penalties for certain standards were determined by the regulator in 2022 for the period 2023-2026. 

  • Dublin Airport achieved a Quality bonus of €0.10 per passenger in 2023 but incurred a penalty of €0.30 per passenger.  

  • The IAA confirms that the final 2023 price cap is €8.46 per passenger (this includes a Consumer Price Index adjustment of €1.07). 

View the full 2023 Final Price Cap Statement

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