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Survey results of air-ground communication capabilities in GA

06 Dec 2023

Earlier this year, the IAA conducted a survey of General Aviation operators, regarding the capabilities of the air-to-ground radios in use, use of Electronic Conspicuity (EC) devices, and communications in/near/below the Dublin CTA.

The purpose of the survey was four-fold;

  1. To conduct a Regulatory Impact Assessment regarding the requirement for the allocation of 8.33 kHz channel spaced frequencies in Ireland;
  2. To assess the number of 8.33 kHz spacing capable radios in use in aircraft in Ireland;
  3. To assess the proliferation of portable Electronic Conspicuity (EC) devices in Ireland; and
  4. To better understand any communication difficulties in/near/below the Dublin CTA (FIS 118.5 MHz).

Air-Ground Comms Survey Results 2023

The IAA’s analysis of the survey responses resulted in some recommendations for future action. These are as follows:

8.33kHz channel spacing

1. It is recommended that the exemption to (EU) No 1079/2012 not be renewed.

2. It is recommended that the IAA promulgate information to the General Aviation community regarding the requirement to use an 8.33kHz spacing capable radios after 31 Dec 2024.

3. It is recommended that FIS frequencies remain on 127.5 MHz and 118.5 MHz.

Electronic Conspicuity (EC) devices

4. It is recommended that the IAA and ComReg establish a working group to analyse the introduction of portable EC devices into light aircraft in General Aviation in Ireland in a safe and compliant way.

5. It is recommended that the IAA consider implementing measures to encourage the use of EC devices in General Aviation in Ireland.

Communications Difficulties

6. It is recommended that AirNav Ireland consider their handover procedures from Shannon Information to Dublin Information for aircraft at low level where the pilot may not be able to establish two-way communications with Dublin Information.

7. It is recommended that the IAA and AirNav Ireland promulgate information on the technicalities of VHF radio functionality and FIS dependency.

8. It is recommended that AirNav Ireland consider the appropriateness of assigning a Low-Level Common Frequency in Ireland. 

Air-Ground Comms Survey Results 2023