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Operations Order consultation

16 Oct 2023

The Irish Aviation Authority is in the process of reviewing the Irish Aviation Authority (Operations) Order, which will be amended to take account of amendments to ICAO Annex 6, Volume I, II and III.

Some of the changes in Annex 6 include:

  • (ADS-C) and the required communication performance (RCP) in the provision of air traffic services (ATS);
  • Mandatory carriage requirements of emergency locator transmitters (ELTs);
  • Reduced RVR requirement for CAT II and CAT IIIA and B;
  • Provisions for climbs and descents to reduce unnecessary ACAS II resolution advisories;
  • Reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) long-term monitoring requirements;
  • Provisions for head-up displays (HUD)/enhanced vision systems (EVS);
  • Provisions regarding flight recorders;
  • Electronic Flight Bags;
  • Fatigue management programmes;
  • Minimum Operational Performance Specifications (MOPS);
  • Class C lightweight airborne image recording systems (AIRS);
  • Underwater location device (ULD);
  • Performance-based navigation (PBN);
  • Performance-based communication and surveillance (PBCS);
  • Extended duration of cockpit voice recorders (CVRs);
  • Use of an enhanced global reporting format for assessing and reporting runway surface conditions;
  • Safety Management Systems.

The revised Order will also take account of the developments in the European regulatory landscape with respect to air operations and EASA.

The proposals for regulatory change are considered in the regulatory impact assessment

The public are now invited to submit any comments or observations in relation to the revision of the Irish Aviation Authority (Operations) Order before the 5 November 2023, by email to

View the revised draft order