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IAA Open Evening - UAS Specific Category Operations (01 Nov 2023 19:30-21:00)

05 Oct 2023

The IAA UAS Division would like to extend to you and your members, a virtual Open Evening to discuss UAS Specific Category Operations. This open session will provide association members, industry and general public the chance to address opportunities and challenges operating UAS in the Specific Category. Please extend this invitation to interested related parties of your organisation. We will also advertise the open evening via IAA social media channels.

To register for the open evening please submit this Form.

Submitted forms will be reviewed and a Microsoft Teams invitation will be sent to registered participants. The open evening agenda will be somewhat shaped by the feedback received in the Form. Further details will be provided prior to the open evening. The IAA will moderate the session.

Note: UAM 012 – Guidance on Operational Authorisation Applications has been published, it is available Here.